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2022 Audiobook Award

Updated: Feb 26

Shortly after narrating & publishing my audiobook, 'Immunity for Murder' - The Veronica Taft Story, I submitted it to for a professional review and consideration for an award. Although, I was much more interested in a good review rather than any award. In-as-much, I was humbled and thrilled upon learning on December 1, 2022 that out of the thousands submitted, I had received an award in the best true crime category. Which also included this excellent review.

Audio Book Reviewer’s – Best True Crime Award for 2022

Immunity For Murder’ – The Veronica Taft Story

Audiobook Review: ‘Immunity for Murder’ - The Veronica Taft Story

Thorough, Detailed, Intriguing

Veronica Taft was a single mom with four children under five years of age. The youngest one, Lyric was found dead one morning in his bed. While many would automatically suspect the sketchy boyfriend, the investigators focused on her. This is the story of Veronica Taft’s wrongful conviction and a case that forces many to look at the entire legal system with hard eyes.

The author David Beers provides vast amounts of supporting evidence regarding Veronica’s innocence and speculation on who was truly responsible. Not only did the legal system fail her but it allowed a killer to walk free. Detailed in his research, Beers paints a vivid picture of incompetence, greed, and evil. Beers brings each character to life with dialogue, descriptions, and emotions. Details were presented in a clear concise manner and well organized.

As the narrator, David Beers delivers a personal connection to the audiobook bringing it to life in a clear and distinct manner. His delivery is smooth and complete with skepticism and other appropriate emotions. His narration is flawless and down to earth. Having done the research, his presentation of the story is poignant, moving, and colorfully expressive.

I am a fan of true crime, so I was eager to listen to this book. It was a horrifying yet captivating tale of injustice, a life cut short too soon, and questionable motives of those in the legal system. The author’s narration of this book made this more exciting.

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