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I'm very honored to have won this award for Immunity for Murder. See what Audio Book Reviewer has to say...

Thorough, Detailed, Intriguing

Veronica Taft was a single mom with four children under five years of age. The youngest one, Lyric was found dead one morning in his bed. While many would automatically suspect the sketchy boyfriend, the investigators focused on her. This is the story of Veronica Taft’s wrongful conviction and a case that forces many to look at the entire legal system with hard eyes. The author David Beers provides vast amounts of supporting evidence regarding Veronica’s innocence and speculation on who was truly responsible. Not only did the legal system fail her but it allowed a killer to walk free. Detailed in his research, Beers paints a vivid picture of incompetence, greed, and evil. Beers brings each character to life with dialogue, descriptions, and emotions. Details were presented in a clear concise manner and well organized. As the narrator, David Beers delivers a personal connection to the audiobook bringing it to life in a clear and distinct manner. His delivery is smooth and complete with skepticism and other appropriate emotions. His narration is flawless and down to earth. Having done the research, his presentation of the story is poignant, moving, and colorfully expressive. I am a fan of true crime, so I was eager to listen to this book. It was a horrifying yet captivating tale of injustice, a life cut short too soon, and questionable motives of those in the legal system. The author’s narration of this book made this more exciting.


Marquis Who's Who

David M. Beers, owner of New Perspective Investigations LLC, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Business Owners and Entrepreneurs for dedication, achievements, and leadership in the field of law. Mr. Beers leverages more than five decades of experience as a proven expert in the field of law enforcement and criminal defense. Since 1996, he has served as the owner of New Perspective Investigations LLC, where he conducts criminal investigations and handles criminal defense cases alongside attorneys and other law practitioners. Well-versed in his field, he previously served as an instructor for the New York State Police between 1985 and 1986, having also served as a trooper and investigator for the organization from 1977 to 1994. At the onset of his career, Mr. Beers honorably served in the United States Marine Corps Special Operations from 1972 to 1977, achieving the rank of staff sergeant prior to exiting his service. Ever committed to his profession, Mr. Beers is a former member of the Association of Licensed Detectives. Well-regarded for his creative output as well, he is the author of the 2019 book, “Reign of Injustice: The Cal Harris Story” and the 2021 book, “Immunity for Murder: The Veronica Taft Story.” His latter title received an award as the Best True Crime Audiobook in 2022. As part of his vocational journey, he also pursued a formal education, ultimately earning a bachelor’s degree in professional studies at Empire State University in 2007, in addition to completing a wealth of other coursework in law enforcement and forensic science. In light of his fulfilling career, Mr. Beers has largely attributed his success to the positive relationships he has made throughout his time in the field.


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A deep dive into a gruesome murder case, seeking justice for a mother that was completely stripped of it Murder is the ultimate theft, a crime against humanity, a crime that sensationalizes. Even more so when the victim is two-and-a-half years old. David M. Beers’ Immunity for Murder takes us through the smallest details of the investigation of the murder of young Lyric Taft, disclosing all the facts as if we were part of the investigation team, before revealing the many injustices that plagued this case and ultimately caused an innocent woman to be locked behind bars for years. Veronica Taft, 23 years old, mother of four children, the oldest being five years old, drifts from one abusive relationship to the next, until she finds herself with Chucky, who according to her, takes good care of the kids, and so, she trusts him to do just that as she works night shifts at the local high school. One morning after going back home, she is shocked to find her youngest son Lyric dead. The investigation doesn’t take too long to reveal that his death was no accident, many bruises and internal injuries show that he was killed by an adult, and so the hunt for the killer commences. Veronica, cooperative since day one despite the recent tragedy, is surprised to soon find herself as the main suspect, as the investigating team ignores all the facts around them and focuses on unfounded claims made long ago by Child Protective Services, resulting in a witch hunt that punishes the innocent and leaves the killer roaming free. Author David M. Beers succeeds greatly in immersion with an incredible attention to detail and a dedicated cataloging of the facts and evidence of the case, going through different phases and perspectives to make sure the reader has the full picture. This approach proves successful once the investigation starts going astray when Veronica suddenly becomes the main suspect. I was shocked not only by the incompetence of the investigating team but their malice too, as we follow her through the miserable long months from her son’s murder to her prosecution. Immunity for Murder is a powerful read where a heart wrenching case morphs into a sickening display of injustice. The author’s attention to detail makes it an immersive experience and a roller coaster of emotion as we follow Taft through her journey of suffering and the search for justice.


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On September 12, 2001, Michele Harris went missing from a small town in upstate New York. She has never been found, and the mystery surrounding her disappearance remains. Four years after she went missing, her wealthy husband, Cal Harris, was arrested and charged with her murder. 

With neither a body nor a murder weapon, Cal was shockingly tried and convicted of her murder. Then new evidence surfaced. His conviction was overturned, and a new trial granted. But once again, he was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. That conviction, too, was overturned on appeal. The saga continued as Cal went on trial for the third time. This one ended in a mistrial. 

By the time Cal went on trial the fourth time, Michele had been missing for nearly 15 years. 

Defense investigator, David M. Beers, worked on the Cal Harris case from start-to-finish. His account, REIGN OF INJUSTICE, walks you through the details and events of the case never before revealed. It provides an inside view of the scandalous case facts you will not find elsewhere, including why he considers Cal’s story a reign of injustice.


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